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The Delineator, September 1905


Finale at Dolce & Gabbana Ready to Wear S/S 2012.


Illustrations from an over 100 year-old book of literal fairy tales in our collection.

My Own Fairy Book. Andrew Lang. Published in 1902.

Up Close: Evening Dress c.1889 (X)



That’s all I was thinking this entire scene

She has disrespected Kyoshi.

She will die soon.

Musée Jacquemart-André (x)


so….so tired

I wanted to redo this one for a whilleee while, and I finally got some ‘inspiration’ to do so. Snape’s worst memory will be forever one of my favourite chapters because MARAUDERS
hope you’ll like it:3 and I think I’ve definitely improved ^^

I am sorry I am not sorry for drawing much Peter. he’s there, outside of each panel.


EDIT: okay since people keep asking me this for a reason I just can’t understand: THERE ARE EITHER JAMES AND HARRY IN THIS COMIC, BOTH OF THEM. So, no, I didn’t give James Harry’s scar, green eyes are obviously Harry’s eyes and not James and I got it right.






Mako and Wu so far:

  • Wu considers Mako his best buddy.
  • Despite not really enjoying Wu’s company, Mako still doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.
  • Wu is considerate of Mako’s problems. He treats him to a smoothie to cheer him up and planned on buying Mako some new suits.
  • Wu admits he’s not cut out to be king.
  • Mako has warmed up a bit to Wu.
  • Wu loves being carried by Mako.

I nominate Wu as Mako’s best guy friend outside of the family.

I’m hoping they do become actual friends. The juxtaposition would be great, just as it is in Korra and Asami’s friendship.

This started as a crack ship and has turned into a really sweet friendship somehow. That Wu has an unrequited crush on Mako seems to almost certainly be canon (though it’s all innuendo because Nickelodeon), but rather than becoming a joke, it’s the thing that makes Wu open to Mako’s criticism, placing him on the path to becoming a better person.

To be clear, this is the wuko I ship.

All I could think was…